System Parameter Registers (SPRM)

numbernamecontentsallowable valuesdefault
0 preferred menu languageISO 639 codeplayer specific
1ASTNaudio stream number0-7, 15(none)15
2SPSTNsub-picture stream numberbit0-bit5:0-31, 62(none), 63(forced)
bit6=0 - do not display
3AGLNangle number1-91
4TTNtitle number in volume1-991
5VTS_TTNtitle number in VTS1-991
6TT_PGCNPGC number1-32767 
7PTTNPTT number1-991
8HL_BTNNhighlighted button numberbit10-bit15: 1-36, bit0-bit9 = 01 (1024)
9NVTMRnavigation timer0-65535 (seconds)0
10NV_PGCNPGC jump for nav timer1-32767 (PGC in current title) 
11AMXMDKaraoke audio mixing modebit set indicate mix ch to ch
bit2 2->1, bit3 3->1, bit4 4->1, bit10 2->0, bit11 3->0, bit12 4->0
12CC_PLTparental management country codeISO 3166 codeplayer specific
13PLTparental level1-8, 15(none)player specific
14 video preference and current modebit10-bit11 preferred display aspect ratio 0=4:3, 1=not specified, 2=reserved, 3=16:9
bit8-bit9 current video mode 0=normal, 1=pan/scan, 2=letterbox, 3=reserved
player specific
15 player audio capabilities0=cannot play bit2:SDDS karaoke, bit3:DTS karaoke, bit4:MPEG karaoke, bit6:Dolby karaoke, bit7:PCM karaoke, bit10:SDDS, bit11:DTS, bit12:MPEG, bit14:Dolbyplayer specific
16 preferred audio languageISO 639 code0xFFFF
17 preferred audio language extension0=not specified, 1=normal, 2=for visually impaired, 3=director comments, 4=alternate director comments0
18 preferred sub-picture languageISO 639 code0xFFFF
19 preferred sub-picture language extension0=not specified, 1=normal, 2=large, 3=children, 5=normal captions, 6=large captions, 7=childrens captions, 9=forced, 13=director comments, 14=large director comments, 15=director comments for children0
20 player region code (mask)bit set for each enabled region, bit0=region 1player specific
21 reserved  
22 reserved  
23 reserved for extended playback mode  
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