Muxman MXP files - Palette Object
ver 1.0
The palette object defines a set of 16 colors that can be stored and used by a PGC. Despite the fact that YUV values are stored in the PGC, color palettes are defined as RGB values.
	Color 0=int,int,int
	Color 1=int,int,int
	Color 2=int,int,int
	Color 3=int,int,int
	Color 4=int,int,int
	Color 5=int,int,int
	Color 6=int,int,int
	Color 7=int,int,int
	Color 8=int,int,int
	Color 9=int,int,int
	Color 10=int,int,int
	Color 11=int,int,int
	Color 12=int,int,int
	Color 13=int,int,int
	Color 14=int,int,int
	Color 15=int,int,int
A default palette, named "DefaultPalette", is predefined by Muxman and is identical to the default palette used by Scenarist. This palette may be redefined. Additional palettes may be defined but cannot be used at this time.

Name may be any combination of up to 31 alphabetic or numeric characters, and the characters _ - + *
colors are defined using decimal values from 0 to 255, the order is red, green, blue.

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