026---------400 00 01 bf - Private Stream 2 header
02a---------203 d4 - length
02c---------100 - substream ID, 00=PCI
02d000PCI_GI 00nv_pck_lbn4Logical Block Number (sector) of this block
031004PCI_GI 04vobu_cat2flags, including APS (Analog Protection System)
033006PCI_GI 06---2reserved
035008PCI_GI 08vobu_uop_ctl4bitmask for prohibited user operations
03900cPCI_GI 0cvobu_s_ptm4Vobu Start Presentation Time (90KHz clk)
03d010PCI_GI 10vobu_e_ptm4Vobu End Presentation Time (PTM)
041014PCI_GI 14vobu_se_e_ptm4End PTM of VOBU if Sequence_End_Code
045018PCI_GI 18c_eltm4cell elapsed time, BCD, hh:mm:ss:ff with bits 7&6 of frame (last) byte indicating frame rate
11 = 30 fps, 10 = illegal, 01 = 25 fps, 00 = illegal
04901cPCI_GI 1cvobu_isrc32International Standard Recording Code (royalty management)*
06903cNSML_AGLI 00nsml_agl_c1_dsta4non-seamless angle 1 relative offset to VOBU for CURRENT ILVU
the msb (bit 31) is used to denote the direction, 0=forward, 1=backward
00 00 00 00 indicates the angle does not exist
7f ff ff ff indicates no more video for this angle
08905cNSML_AGLI 20nsml_agl_c9_dsta4non-seamless angle 9 relative offset to VOBU for CURRENT ILVU
08d060HLI_GI 00hli_ss2Highlight status (lower 2 bits only)
00 = No Highlight information for this VOBU
01 = All New Highlight information for this VOBU
10 = Use Highlight information from previous VOBU
11 = Use Highlight information from previous VOBU except commands, which come from this VOBU
08f062HLI_GI 02hli_s_ptm4Highlight start time
093066HLI_GI 06hli_e_ptm4Highlight end time
09706aHLI_GI 0abtn_sl_e_ptm4Button selection end time (ignore user after this)
09b06eHLI_GI 0ebtn_md24 nibbles which describe the grouping of the buttons, see below
09d070HLI_GI 10btn_sn1starting button number
09e071HLI_GI 11btn_ns1number of buttons
09f072HLI_GI 12nsl_btn_ns1number of numerically selected buttons
0a0073HLI_GI 13---1reserved
0a1074HLI_GI 14fosl_btnn1force select button number
0a2075HLI_GI 15foac_btnn1force action button number
0a3076SL_COLI 00SL_COLI_18selection and action color and contrast values
each button may be assigned to one of these three schemes
0ab07eSL_COLI 08SL_COLI_28
0b3086SL_COLI 10SL_COLI_38
0bb08eBTN_IT 00btn_it[1:36]36*18color table number, position, auto action flag, adjacent buttons, and command for 36 buttons
343316RECI 00RECI??Recording Information (royalty management)*
* there are a few references to ISRC and RECI, but no details, and no examples could be found for verification.

btn_md word

reserved number of button groups reservedPSLBNormal
button group 1 type
reservedPSLBNormal reservedPSLBNormal
button group 2 type
button group 3 type

SL_COLI table

0emphasis 2 (code=3) selection coloremphasis 1 (code=2) selection color
1pattern (code=1) selection colorbackground (code=0) selection color
2emphasis 2 (code=3) selection contremphasis 1 (code=2) selection contr
3pattern (code=1) selection contrbackground (code=0) selection contr
4emphasis 2 (code=3) action coloremphasis 1 (code=2) action color
5pattern (code=1) action colorbackground (code=0) action color
6emphasis 2 (code=3) action contremphasis 1 (code=2) action contr
7pattern (code=1) action contrbackground (code=0) action contr

BTN_IT - Button Information Table

00btn_coln button color table number, 0=none
starting X position, upper 6 bits
starting X position, lower 4 bits
reservedending X position, upper 2 bits
ending X position, lower 8 bits
03Auto Action flag 0=no, 1=yes
starting Y position, upper 6 bits
starting Y position, lower 4 bits
reservedending Y position, upper 2 bits
ending Y position, lower 8 bits
06reservedAJBTN_POSI_UP button number to select if "Up" is pressed
07reservedAJBTN_POSI_DN button number to select if "Down" is pressed
08reservedAJBTN_POSI_LT button number to select if "Left" is pressed
09reservedAJBTN_POSI_RT button number to select if "Right" is pressed
one vm command to be executed on "action" of this button
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