User Operation Flags (Uops)

User operation flags appear at three different levels, there is one for the title in TT_SRPT (only Uop0 and Uop1, as bits 0 and 1 of Title Type), one for each Program Chain, and one in each VOBU in the PCI packet.
These flags are ORed together, a set bit in any mask inhibits the associated control.
numbercontrols affectedPGCVOBU
0Time play or search 
1PTT play or search 
2Title play 
5Time or PTT search
6TopPG or PrevPG search
7NextPG search
8Forward scan
9Backward scan
10Menu call - Title
11Menu call - Root
12Menu call - Subpicture
13Menu call - Audio
14Menu call - Angle
15Menu call - PTT
17Button select or activate 
18Still off
19Pause on
20Audio stream change
21Subpicture stream change
22Angle change
23Karaoke audio mix change
24Video presentation mode change
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